There is power in simplicity.

There is power in simplicity.

It is amazing how we fail to delve deep into things that appear simple. We simply gloss over, or brush it off to be attended to at a future time, but I bet there is power in being simple, keeping things simple and doing plain simple things one step at a time.

It is a great way of building momentum.

The snail moves very slowly but consoles it’s self that were it to get lost, retracing its steps would be easy. We can learn from the snail. It knows itself. It knows it is naturally slow in moving but that does not bother it. The important thing that the snail realizes is that it has a destination, and it is determined to reach it. That is the spirit. Know who you are: a child of the universe, endowed with greatness.

You are good as you are, perfect where you are and fully endowed to achieve all you want to achieve and participate in co-creation. All you need is an awareness of this power within you. Take the baby steps, one step at a time, each day and before you know it, your goals will be met. If you need help do not hesitate to contact me.


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