Lucy Vajime

For the past five years, since I learnt about coaching from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, my life has not been the same. I was and am a generally contented person. I have a family that I adore, a job that pays the bills and so far has helped my husband and I train our four children in professions of their choice. We live our lives simply and await what tomorrow brings.

Learning about coaching and how to coach has propelled me even further by making me understand at a deeper level, life, the universe, and energy. I have come to understand that everything is energy, energy moves, changes but cannot be destroyed. It only changes form. I have come to appreciate more how we are here in life to learn and to enjoy. How we do so by the desires we project consciously and even unconsciously, and how we can learn to co-create with the universe whatever we dare to conceive. I have come to understand at a deeper level, I keep saying “deeper level” because I knew some of these concepts even as I was growing up as a child. My mom used to be kind to children who needed care, food or clothing, and used to say that that was a way of ensuring that when one’s own children happened to be far away from one, they would be taken care of. That was law of attraction working, but not explained! So what coaching has provided me is an explanation of what operates in the universe. Whatever you give out comes back a hundred fold; like attracts like; and there is a reaction to every action. How simple. Understanding and being able to demonstrate this fundamental law has made all the difference in my life.

Having learnt too the processes that help us change negative thoughts when they surface, for example, means that life has become more fun to live. This is based on the premise that the universe is abundant and that there is enough of everything for everybody. Our own part of the bargain is to know what we want and know that we can create or get it by consciously working on our thoughts, and taking action to realize what we desire. That is the law of deliberate creation. I have spent most of my life teaching both at the secondary school level and at the faculty level and of course, also in raising my children. Coaching has provided ease and understanding to my life, how I help people and how to share this knowledge with whoever cares to learn. Knowing the processes to use to correct a misunderstanding in a relationship, either between assistants helping in the house, colleagues at work or a spouse; even as an approach to effect a change in a child’s behavior, is the rich contribution that coaching has added to my life. But as they say, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Sign up for free my eBook and discover for yourself the beauty of the universe at your command.